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 Topic:  Heads up @ Dominator 

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Posted: Jun 3, 2009Post Subject: Heads up @ Dominator
The bottom of Dominator has changed and deserves a scout next time you're in there.
..Looks like somebody pulled the plug. The entire bottom right ledge and the pool above it is dry. The right side is now a no-go. The main center line is different as well.
Andrew D
Posted: Jan 19, 2010Post Subject: My family and I were hiking through there this summer
My family and I were hiking through there this summer and I had noticed that the bottom right rock that forms the lower right ledge was split in half with a 2' wide gap. I'm sure this is the cause. Looks like it would make a pretty bad sieve.
Andrew D.
Posted: Feb 25, 2010
we were up there feb 20 at a pretty low flow ~600. 2 groups totaling 11 boaters there, everyone portaged Dominator. I think here is a tough line, but also a hungry looking sieve to greet you if you blow it.
Hopefully it cleans up with more water. out of site-out of mind

Posted: Jun 30, 2010Post Subject: Heads up at dominator
Yup! the bottom HAS changed. Most will have a look either way... but now there is reason to consider walking/lining boats around this monster pillow/boil that forms off the recently moved boulder in the center. At 800 cfs(lake clementine inflow) The river right shelf was mostly dryed up. Different from what I remember. Maybe more options at higher flows???
Thomas M
Posted: Jul 1, 2010
I came through Dominator last friday with the flow at clementine about 1000. A few in our group went right at the bottom and reported it to be a litte manky. I finished left where most of the water was and had a sweet line boofing the big pillow and fading off to the left.
Posted: Jul 7, 2010
Both runs I did this year I ran Dominator. First one the flows were reading around 850 cfs - the left line was doable, but the easier route was to sneak right (which, as my first time down, I did). Any less water than that and it would be much harder to do the sneak.

Second time down flows were around 1000 and the left line was much easier. I started middle and charged left for a run that felt "nice and fluffy". One thing I noticed was that with that extra 150 cfs, most of the water was going left at the bottom (as opposed to half going right into the sieves).
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