Dreamflows Realtime Report - Mar 25, 2017 @ 10:30am PDT
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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.

Easy California Rivers   Time          Flow         Gauge   BBS Comments/Links
Trinity  At Douglas City   10:00am  1,580  7.78ft  2016  Water 45°F
So. Eel  At Leggett   9:30am  2,990  10.84ft  2016  Falling 44 cfs/hr
So. Eel  At Miranda   9:30am  7,040  12.90ft   Falling 189 cfs/hr
Eel  At Scotia   10:15am  41,300  22.24ft  2009  Falling 697 cfs/hr
Mattole  Near Ettersburg   10:00am  2,020  13.90ft  2010  Water 50°F + Falling 37 cfs/hr
Navarro  Near Navarro   10:15am  2,610  10.24ft  2016  Falling 78 cfs/hr
Garcia  At Eureka Hill Road   10:00am    5.22ft  
So. Gualala  Near Sea Ranch   9:45am  1,810  10.26ft  
Russian  Near Healdsburg   9:45am  6,100  7.13ft  2009 
Russian  At Hacienda Bridge   9:15am  9,100  15.76ft   Water 54°F
Guadalupe  At San Jose   10:00am  411  7.07ft  
Sacramento  Below Keswick Dam   10:15am  10,400  13.25ft  
Sacramento  At Bend Bridge   9:45am  27,000  12.13ft  2011  Water 50°F
Sacramento  At Vina-Woodson Bridge   9:45am  39,800  174.56ft  
American  Below Lake Natoma   10:15am  5,100  7.44ft  Nov 19 
Stanislaus  At Orange Blossom Bridge   9:45am  1,364  4.44ft  Oct 31  Water 50°F
Tuolumne  Below La Grange Dam   9:30am  10,500  14.93ft   Water 49°F
San Joaquin  Below Friant Dam   9:30am  5,610  8.93ft   Water 48°F
San Joaquin  At Highway 41   10:00am  8,916  14.09ft   Water 49°F
San Joaquin  At Donny Bridge   n/a       Flow currently unavailable
San Joaquin  Below Skaggs Bridge   9:15am  7,936  13.09ft  
San Joaquin  At Gravelly Ford   9:15am  7,512  13.33ft   Water 50°F
San Joaquin  At Mendota   10:00am  3,860  14.99ft   Water 53°F
Kaweah  Below Terminus Dam   10:15am  2,595  6.63ft   Water 59°F
Los Angeles  Below Sepulveda Dam   10:00am  84  0.98ft  
Los Angeles  Above Rio Hondo   n/a      2015  Flow currently unavailable
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